mgwr.utils.shift_colormap(cmap, start=0, midpoint=0.5, stop=1.0, name='shiftedcmap')[source]

Function to offset the “center” of a colormap. Useful for data with a negative min and positive max and you want the middle of the colormap’s dynamic range to be at zero

cmap : The matplotlib colormap to be altered
start : Offset from lowest point in the colormap’s range.

Defaults to 0.0 (no lower ofset). Should be between 0.0 and midpoint.

midpoint : The new center of the colormap. Defaults to

0.5 (no shift). Should be between 0.0 and 1.0. In general, this should be 1 - vmax/(vmax + abs(vmin)) For example if your data range from -15.0 to +5.0 and you want the center of the colormap at 0.0, midpoint should be set to 1 - 5/(5 + 15)) or 0.75

stop : Offset from highets point in the colormap’s range.

Defaults to 1.0 (no upper ofset). Should be between midpoint and 1.0.

new_cmap : A new colormap that has been shifted.