API reference

GWR Model Estimation and Inference

mgwr.gwr.GWR(coords, y, X, bw[, family, …]) Geographically weighted regression.
mgwr.gwr.GWRResults(model, params, predy, S, CCT) Basic class including common properties for all GWR regression models
mgwr.gwr.GWRResultsLite(model, resid, influ) Lightweight GWR that computes the minimum diagnostics needed for bandwidth selection

MGWR Estimation and Inference

mgwr.gwr.MGWR(coords, y, X, selector[, …]) Multiscale GWR estimation and inference.
mgwr.gwr.MGWRResults(model, params, predy, …) Class including common properties for a MGWR model.

Utility Functions

Kernel Specification

mgwr.kernels.fix_gauss(coords, bw[, points, …]) Fixed Gaussian kernel.
mgwr.kernels.adapt_gauss(coords, nn[, …]) Spatially adaptive Gaussian kernel.
mgwr.kernels.fix_bisquare(coords, bw[, …]) Fixed bisquare kernel.
mgwr.kernels.adapt_bisquare(coords, nn[, …]) Spatially adaptive bisquare kernel.
mgwr.kernels.fix_exp(coords, bw[, points, …]) Fixed exponential kernel.
mgwr.kernels.adapt_exp(coords, nn[, points, …]) Spatially adaptive exponential kernel.

Bandwidth Selection

mgwr.sel_bw.Sel_BW(coords, y, X_loc[, …]) Select bandwidth for kernel


utils.shift_colormap(cmap[, start, …]) Function to offset the “center” of a colormap.
utils.truncate_colormap(cmap[, minval, …]) Function to truncate a colormap by selecting a subset of the original colormap’s values
utils.compare_surfaces(*args, **kwargs)