GWRResults.filter_tvals(self, critical_t=None, alpha=None)[source]

Utility function to set tvalues with an absolute value smaller than the absolute value of the alpha (critical) value to 0. If critical_t is supplied than it is used directly to filter. If alpha is provided than the critical t value will be derived and used to filter. If neither are critical_t nor alpha are provided, an adjusted alpha at the 95 percent CI will automatically be used to define the critical t-value and used to filter. If both critical_t and alpha are supplied then the alpha value will be ignored.


critical t-value to determine whether parameters are statistically significant


alpha value to determine which tvalues are associated with statistically significant parameter estimates


n*k; new set of n tvalues for each of k variables where absolute tvalues less than the absolute value of alpha have been set to 0.